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Dr Rajesh Srivastava

Professor 1. Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma Modelling and Simula... View Profile

Prof Ajay Ph.D.

Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Strongly Cor... View Profile

Prof Kanhaiya Lal Yadav

Professor Functional Nanomaterials, Multiferroics, Ceramic N... View Profile

Dr Tashi Natutiyal

Professor Condensed Matter Theory Study of electronic, magne... View Profile

Dr Ghanshyam Das Varma

Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Experimenta... View Profile

Dr Tulika Maitra

Associate Professor Condensed matter theory:, Correlated electronic sy... View Profile

Dr Rajdeep Chatterjee

Associate Professor Theoretical Nuclear Physics : Low and medium energ... View Profile

Prof Anil Gourishetty

Associate Professor Nuclear Radiation detectors, GEANT4 Monte Carlo si... View Profile

Dr Aalok Misra

Associate Professor High Energy Physics, String Theory... View Profile

Dr Ajay Wasan

Associate Professor Atomic Spectroscopy, Precision Spectroscopy Quantu... View Profile

Prof Himanshu Fulara

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Applied Spintronics & Nanomagnetism, Spin-Torque a... View Profile

Prof Soumitra Satapathi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr P Sanyal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Arup Samanta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Lalita Sharma

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Praveen C Srivastava

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Binoy Krishna Patra

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Peayush Kumar Choubey

Assistant Professor Unconventional Superconductivity, Theory Of Scanni... View Profile

Dr Sachin Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Mayank Goswami

Assistant Professor Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Detection & Me... View Profile

Dr Ajay Yashawant Deo

Assistant Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics: Nuclear Structure at... View Profile

Prof Shiladitya Sengupta

Assistant Professor Condesend Matter Theory, Physics of Glass Transiti... View Profile

Prof Akhilesh Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Light-matter interaction, Nonlinear Optics, Plasmo... View Profile

Dr Nataraj S Huliyar

Assistant Professor Atomic and Molecular Physics, Studies of Structure... View Profile

Dr Puneet Jain

Assistant Professor Charged Particle Beams and Accelerators, Higher Or... View Profile

Dr Vivek K Malik

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Moumita Maiti

Assistant Professor Nuclear Reaction Physics: Generation of Nuclear da... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Photonics, Phase Change Photonic Mat... View Profile

Dr Anirban Mitra

Assistant Professor ... View Profile