Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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Dr G. P Chaudhari

Professor Deformation and solidification processing of metal... View Profile

Dr Sumeer K. Nath

Professor Physical metallurgy, Alloy design and development,... View Profile

Dr B.S.S. Daniel

Professor Metallic Foam, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials,... View Profile

Dr Anjan Sil

Professor (1) Functional Ceramics, (2) Energy Storage Materi... View Profile

Dr Indranil Lahiri

Associate Professor Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Carbon Nanotubes, Grap... View Profile

Dr Suhrit Mula

Associate Professor Preparation of Bulk Nanostructured metals and allo... View Profile

Dr Debrupa Lahiri

Associate Professor Biomaterials:, Developing Material systems for Imp... View Profile

Dr B Venkata Manoj Kumar

Associate Professor Ceramics and tribology, Ultra high temperature cer... View Profile

Dr Ujjwal Prakash

Associate Professor Metallurgical Engineering, Powder metallurgy, stee... View Profile

Dr Vivek Pancholi

Associate Professor High Temperature deformation, Thermo mechanical Pr... View Profile

Dr Vikram V Dabhade

Associate Professor Metal Matric Composites, Nanocomposites, Machinabi... View Profile

Dr Arka Lahiri

Assistant Professor Modeling and simulation of microstructure evolutio... View Profile

Dr Anish Karmakar

Assistant Professor Advanced Thermomechanical Processing of Steels and... View Profile

Dr Ramudu Meka Sai

Assistant Professor Surface Engineering, Thermochemical surface treatm... View Profile

Dr Piyush Vijay Jagtap

Assistant Professor His research interests are in the fields of mechan... View Profile

Dr Sadhan Ghosh

Assistant Professor Phase Transformations, Steel Metallurgy, Alloy des... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Tewari

Assistant Professor Computational Materials Science, Phonon Transport,... View Profile

Dr K S Suresh

Assistant Professor Structure - property correlations, Electron Micros... View Profile

Dr Puri Devendra

Assistant Professor Extractive Metallurgy... View Profile

Dr Sharvan Kumar

Assistant Professor Physical Metallurgy... View Profile

Dr Varun A Baheti

Assistant Professor Diffusion in Solids, Phase Diagrams, Growth Kineti... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Research methodologies, Automation tools like pote... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Dhawan

Assistant Professor Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy, Recycli... View Profile

Dr Sourav Das

Assistant Professor Steel development for:, 1. Automotive application,... View Profile

Prof B.S.S. Daniel

Professor (HAG) I work in the area of Composite Materials and Meta... View Profile