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Prof Bhanu K. Mishra

Professor Composite materials, Fracture mechanics, Wave prop... View Profile

Dr Akhilesh Gupta

Professor Heat Transfer, Solar Energy, Refgn. and A/C, Therm... View Profile

Dr Navneet Arora

Professor Industrial, Welding Engineering, Welding Engineeri... View Profile

Prof Pradeep K. Sahoo

Professor Heat Transfer, Themodynamics, CFD, Nuclear Reactor... View Profile

Prof Dinesh Kumar

Professor supply chain management, supply chain management, ... View Profile

Prof Pradeep Kumar

Professor Supply Chain Management, Advanced Manufacturing Pr... View Profile

Dr Apurbba Kumar Sharma

Professor Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Hybrid Finishing... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Associate Professor Multidisciplinary Engineering... View Profile

Dr Huzur Saran V.

Associate Professor Machine Design, Vehicle dynamics and Tyre dynamics... View Profile

Dr Krishnan Murugesan

Associate Professor Heat and moisture transport through porous materia... View Profile

Dr Andallib Tariq

Associate Professor Heat Transfer Enhancement, Experimental Fluid Mech... View Profile

Dr S. P. Harsha

Associate Professor Vibrations andamp; Control, Machine andamp; Human ... View Profile

Dr Indra Vir Singh

Associate Professor FEM, X-FEM, Meshfree Methods, Isogeometric Analysi... View Profile

Dr Pushparaj Mani Pathak

Associate Professor Robotics, Dynamics , Control, Bond Graph Modelling... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar

Associate Professor Vibration Mitigation, Dampers, Rail Vehicle Dynami... View Profile

Dr Sushanta Dutta

Associate Professor Experimental fluid mechanics; Experimental heat tr... View Profile

Dr Pradeep K Jha

Associate Professor Process modeling, Modeling of steelmaking processe... View Profile

Dr Manish M Joglekar

Associate Professor Solid mechanics, Nonlinear elasticity, Finite elem... View Profile

Dr D Benny Karunakar

Associate Professor Manufacturing Science, Metal Casting, FEM in Manuf... View Profile

Dr Rahul S Mulik

Associate Professor Machining (Conventional & Non-conventional), finis... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Pal

Associate Professor Blending and characterization of PMC's and MMC's, ... View Profile

Dr Dhish Kumar Saxena

Associate Professor Optimization, Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimiz... View Profile

Dr Subudhi Sudhakar

Associate Professor Heat transfer, Ventilation, Energy systems, Natura... View Profile

Dr Sanjay H Upadhyay

Associate Professor Non-Linear Vibration Analysis and Control,Bearing ... View Profile

Prof Vidit Gaur

Assistant Professor Fatigue, Damage, Fracture Mechanics, FEM, CPFEM, E... View Profile

Dr Ankit Bansal

Assistant Professor Radiative heat transfer, Hypersonic Flow, Flow rad... View Profile

Dr Arup Kumar Das

Assistant Professor Two phase flow, Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid flow,... View Profile

Dr Shailesh Ganpule

Assistant Professor Finite Element Method, Mechanics of Materials, So... View Profile

Dr Dhanashri M Joglekar

Assistant Professor Wave propagation, NDE, Nonlinear dynamics, Computa... View Profile

Dr Kirti Bhushan Mishra

Assistant Professor Combustion and Fuels, Fire and Explosion Safety, D... View Profile

Dr Siladitya Pal

Assistant Professor Multiscale Modeling of Materials, Fracture of Stag... View Profile

Dr Varun Sharma

Assistant Professor Conventional Machining Processes, Machining, Non-C... View Profile

Dr Sneha Singh

Assistant Professor Acoustics, Noise Control, Smart materials, Machine... View Profile

Dr Abinash Kumar Swain

Assistant Professor Machine Design, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Produ... View Profile