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Prof Rama Bhargava

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element, Comp... View Profile

Dr P N Agarwal

Professor Real and Complex Analysis,Numerical Analysis, Math... View Profile

Prof Sunita Gakkhar

Professor Bio-mathematics,computer Applications, Bio-Mathema... View Profile

Dr Tanuja Srivastava

Professor Image Processing, Computerized Tomography, Reconst... View Profile

Dr Shiv Prasad Yadav

Professor Operation Research, Optimal Control Theory, Fuzzy ... View Profile

Prof Nagarajan Sukavanam

Professor Control Theory, Controllability, Dynamical systems... View Profile

Prof Kusum Deep

Professor Numerical Optimization, Nature Inspired Optimizati... View Profile

Prof Maheshanand

Associate Professor Algebraic coding theory, codes over finite rings... View Profile

Dr Dwijendra Narain Pandey

Associate Professor Differential Equation, Functional Evolution Equati... View Profile

Dr Sandip Banerjee

Associate Professor Mathematical Modelling, , Mathematical Biology.... View Profile

Dr A Swaminathan

Associate Professor Orthogonal polynomials and special functions, Clas... View Profile

Dr P Bera

Associate Professor Hydrodynamic stability, , Hydrodynamics using Spec... View Profile

Dr Ameeya Kumar Nayak

Associate Professor Electroosmotic Flow, Finite Element Method, Popula... View Profile

Dr Aditia Gangopadhyay

Associate Professor Statistics, Estimation theory, Financial mathemati... View Profile

Dr Pratibha

Associate Professor Bio Mathematics, Differential Equations Computer A... View Profile

Dr S. K. Gupta

Associate Professor Optimization, Nonlinear optimization, Duality theo... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Kumar

Associate Professor Inverse Problems, Image Processing; Machine Learni... View Profile

Dr Ram Krishna Pandey

Associate Professor Number Theory, Additive, Combinatorial and Element... View Profile

Dr Ankik Kumar Giri

Associate Professor Partial Integro Differential Equations, Coagulatio... View Profile

Dr Madhu Jain

Assistant Professor Computer Communications Networks, Performance Pred... View Profile

Dr Ram Jiwari

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Simulat... View Profile

Dr Chaman Kumar

Assistant Professor Probability and Stochastic Analysis, MFG, Mckean V... View Profile

Dr Uaday Singh

Assistant Professor Real Analysis, Complex Analysis,Linear Algebra, an... View Profile

Dr Manil T Mohan

Assistant Professor Stochastic Differential Equations, Solvability, La... View Profile

Dr Amit Maji

Assistant Professor Operator Theory, Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor Number Theory, Automorphic Representations... View Profile

Dr Arbaz Khan

Assistant Professor Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equatio... View Profile