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Dr Santosh Rangnekar

Professor Organisational Behaviour,, Human Resource Manageme... View Profile

Prof J P Singh

Professor Mathematical Finance, Risk Management, Investment ... View Profile

Dr Ashu Khanna

Associate Professor Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Management Acco... View Profile

Dr Anbanandam Ramesh

Associate Professor Supply chain Management, Humanitarian Supply Chain... View Profile

Dr Rajat Agrawal

Associate Professor Operations Management, Supply Chain Management , M... View Profile

Dr Jogendra Kumar Nayak

Associate Professor Marketing , B2B Marketing, Marketing Research Meth... View Profile

Dr Usha Lenka

Associate Professor Learning and Development, Talent Management and De... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Kumar Barua

Associate Professor Operations Research, Operations Management, Qualit... View Profile

Dr K. Anil Sharma

Associate Professor Finance and Accounting andamp; General Management.... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Corporate Finance,Financial and Economic Environme... View Profile

Dr Zillur Rahman

Associate Professor Strategy, Marketing and, Sustainability.... View Profile

Dr Vinay Sharma

Associate Professor Market Development, Business Opportunity Developme... View Profile

Dr M K Rao

Assistant Professor HR Planning, Business Law, Management of Self and ... View Profile

Dr Abhinava Tripathi

Assistant Professor Financial Markets, Market microstructure, Liquidit... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Production and Quantitative Methods... View Profile

Dr Manu Gupta

Assistant Professor Decision Making under Uncertainity, Restless Bandi... View Profile

Prof Sujata Kar

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Financial Economics... View Profile

Dr Rajib Lochan Dhar

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviou... View Profile

Dr Sourabh Arora

Assistant Professor Consumer Behaviour, Showrooming, Webrooming, Multi... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Dixit

Assistant Professor AI for Business, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, ... View Profile