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Prof Manoj Tripathy

Professor Dr. Manoj Tripathy received B.E. degree in Electri... View Profile

Dr Pramod Agarwal

Professor Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Microproce... View Profile

Prof M K Pathak

Professor Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Electric Ve... View Profile

Dr G N Pillai

Professor Control Systems, System Engineering, Soft Computin... View Profile

Dr Radhey Shyam Anand

Professor Microprocessor and Computer Based Instrumentation,... View Profile

Dr S.P. Singh

Professor Power Apparatus, Electric Device, Power Apparatus ... View Profile

Dr Biswarup Das

Professor Power Distribution Automation , Facts, Power Syst... View Profile

Dr Eugene Fernandez

Associate Professor Power System Engineering... View Profile

Dr Premalata Jena

Associate Professor Power System Protection, Smart Grid , Smart Grid T... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Kumbhar

Associate Professor Distributions System Analysis, Distributed generat... View Profile

Prof P. Sumathi

Associate Professor Instrumentation, Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Vishal Kumar

Associate Professor Digital System Design, Embedded System Development... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Vijay Hote

Associate Professor Control Systems, Robust Controller Design, Model o... View Profile

Dr Indra Gupta

Associate Professor Process Control Applications, Microprocessor Appli... View Profile

Prof Girish K. Singh

Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Chandra Prakash Gupta

Associate Professor Power Quality: Voltage sag analysis, Application o... View Profile

Dr Bhavesh Bhalja

Associate Professor Digital Protection of Power System, Controlled Swi... View Profile

Prof Dheeraj K Khatod

Associate Professor Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy System, M... View Profile

Prof Manoj Tripathy

Associate Professor Power System Protection and Automation, Cybersecur... View Profile

Dr Abhisek K. Behera

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Sliding Mode Control, Sampled-Data System, Network... View Profile

Dr Vinay Pant

Assistant Professor Power Systmes... View Profile

Dr Deep Kiran

Assistant Professor Power System, Deregulation; Optimization; Operatio... View Profile

Dr Jeevanand Seshadrinath

Assistant Professor Electrical Machines and Drives, Artificial Intelli... View Profile

Dr Sumit Ghatak Choudhuri

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Power Quality,UPS inverter cont... View Profile

Dr Avanish Tripathi

Assistant Professor Electric Transportation, Multi-Motor Drives and Co... View Profile

Dr Ambalika Sharma

Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering, Signal Processing and Neur... View Profile

Dr Sohom Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor Sliding Mode Control, Learning based Bioinformatic... View Profile

Dr Barjeev Tyagi

Assistant Professor Power System, Control system, Wide Area System Mon... View Profile

Dr Avik Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle, Power Electroi... View Profile

Dr Sharmili Das

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Anubrata Dey

Assistant Professor DC/AC and AC/DC converter, Topologies and control ... View Profile

Dr Arnab Dey

Assistant Professor Smart Actuator Dynamics, Negative-imaginary System... View Profile