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Dr Narendra Kumar Samadhiya

Professor Geotechnical Engineering , Rock Engineering and Un... View Profile

Dr Manoranjan Parida

Professor Travel Demand modeling, Public Transport, Transpor... View Profile

Dr Vipul Prakash

Professor Structural Analysis and Design, Suspension and Arc... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Singh

Professor Geotechnical , Geotechnical... View Profile

Dr Akhil Upadhyay

Professor Structural Engineering, Bridges, Laminated Composi... View Profile

Dr Bhupinder Singh

Professor Reinforced Concrete Design ... View Profile

Dr Absar Ahmad Kazmi

Professor Sustainable On-Site and Small-scale wastewater tre... View Profile

Dr Priti Maheshwari

Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Soil-Structure Interacti... View Profile

Prof P Bhargava

Professor Structural Engineering, Finite Element Application... View Profile

Dr K. S. Hari Prasad

Professor Hydraulics , Ground Water Modelling, Parameter Est... View Profile

Dr C.S.P. Ojha

Professor Hydraulics Engineering , Environmental Hydraulics... View Profile

Prof Zulfequar Ahmad

Professor Hydraulic Engineering- Surface water quality manag... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar Garg

Professor Satellite Image Analysis, (Civil Engg) Satellite I... View Profile

Prof Kamal Jain

Professor Photogrammetry, Surveying, Remote Sensing, GIS, GP... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar Ghosh

Professor Remote Sesning, GIS, Image Processing, Algorithm d... View Profile

Dr Praveen Kumar

Professor Rural Road Planning,, Rural Roads, Intelligent Tra... View Profile

Dr Umesh Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Structural Engineering, Confined Concrete, Fire Ef... View Profile

Dr Vishwas A Sawant Abhimanyu

Associate Professor Pile Foundation, Laterally Loaded Pile in Horizont... View Profile

Dr Rajat Rastogi

Associate Professor Sustainable Transportation Planning, Integrated an... View Profile

Dr Raja Chowdhury

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Life Cycle Analysis of ... View Profile

Dr Sonalisa Ray

Associate Professor Fracture Mechanics Fracture and Fatigue analysis... View Profile

Dr Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal

Associate Professor Low, Medium and High Velocity Impact Loading: Expe... View Profile

Dr Sudipta Sarkar

Associate Professor Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Wastewater, Greyw... View Profile

Dr Indrajit Ghosh

Associate Professor Driver Behaviour at Signal Controlled Intersection... View Profile

Prof Rajib Chowdhury

Associate Professor Computational Mechanics, Structural Reliability, N... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Kumar Ghosh

Associate Professor Geomatics Engineering, GPS, Remote Sensing, AI, So... View Profile

Dr G.D. Ransinchung

Associate Professor Transporation Engineering (Highways), Flexible and... View Profile

Dr Satyendra Mittal

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering , Ground Improvement, Soi... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Groundwater contamination, Flow and Contaminant Tr... View Profile

Dr Anupam Chakrabarti

Associate Professor Finite Element Analysis , 1. Sandwich Structures 2... View Profile

Dr Rahul Dev Garg

Associate Professor Geomatics Engineering, Land Surveying, Remote Sens... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Environmental Managemen... View Profile

Dr Aditya Singh

Assistant Professor Constitutive Modeling for soils and rocks Numeric... View Profile

Dr Shubhankar Roy Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Multiscale Mechanics of bio-inspired Heterogeneous... View Profile

Dr Akanksha Tyagi

Assistant Professor Ground Improvement- Insitu soil mixing, soft soil ... View Profile

Dr Bhanu Prakash Vellanki

Assistant Professor Disinfection by Products, Attenuation by Biofiltr... View Profile


Assistant Professor Traffic flow modelling, Driver behavior modelling,... View Profile

Dr Sudakshina Dutta

Assistant Professor Fracture and fatigue of composite materials, Geopo... View Profile

Dr R Vinnarasi

Assistant Professor Hydro-climatological Extremes Hydrological Hazar... View Profile

Prof Anumita Mishra

Assistant Professor pile foundations, geomechanics... View Profile

Dr Pushpa Choudhary

Assistant Professor Human Factors in Transport and Behaviour Modelling... View Profile

Dr Alok Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Application of Remote Sensing to study floods Und... View Profile

Prof Amit Agarwal

Assistant Professor Traffic modeling, traffic simulation, agent-based ... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Chikermane

Assistant Professor Modular Construction Traditional Buildings Healt... View Profile

Prof Bhola Ram Gurjar

Professor (HAG) Air and water pollution, Emissions and Air Quality... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Ghosh

Professor (HAG) Remote Sensing and GIS... View Profile

Prof Sharad Jain

Visiting Professor Hydrology and water resources... View Profile