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Dr K R Justin Thomas

Professor Organic Electronics, Organic dyes for dye-sensitiz... View Profile

Dr Rama Krishna Peddinti

Professor Organic Synthesis , Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis... View Profile

Dr R.K. Dutta

Professor Material Science, Magnetic nanocarriers, Applicati... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Professor Photophysics and Photochemistry of Semiconductor N... View Profile

Dr U. P. Singh

Professor Bio-inorganic, Supramolecular Chemistry, Coordinat... View Profile

Prof M.R Maurya

Professor Coordination chemistry and catalysis, Peroxo compl... View Profile

Prof Mala Nath

Professor Organ Tellurium,Organo Tin and Organosolicon Chemi... View Profile

Dr Bina Gupta

Professor Analytical Chemistry, Liquid-Liquid Extraction and... View Profile

Prof Kailash Chandra Gupta

Professor Physical,polymer Chemistry,Kinetics of homo and co... View Profile

Prof Muniappan Sankar

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Porphyrin Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Prasenjit Kar

Associate Professor inorganic nanomaterials, Perovskite nanomaterials,... View Profile

Prof Paritosh Mohanty

Associate Professor Materials Chemistry, Adsorbent development, High s... View Profile

Prof Anuj Sharma

Associate Professor photocatalysis, multicomponent reactions, microwav... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Ghosh

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic and organometall... View Profile

Dr P Jeevanandam

Associate Professor Nanostructured inorganic materials, , Optical prop... View Profile

Dr Naseem Ahmed

Associate Professor Organic synthesis methodology, , Medicinal and Rad... View Profile

Dr Hem C Kandpal

Assistant Professor Computational material science & Solid state and m... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh V

Assistant Professor Theranostics Nano Materials, Photo Active Drug Des... View Profile

Dr Puneet Gupta

Assistant Professor Molecular modelling, Quantum chemistry, Density fu... View Profile

Dr Kalyan K Sadhu

Assistant Professor Nanobio Interfacial Chemistry & Chemical Biology... View Profile

Prof Pallavi Debnath

Assistant Professor Theoretical Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics of so... View Profile

Prof C N Ramachandran

Assistant Professor Theoretical Chemistry,Computational Chemistry,Mode... View Profile

Prof Dheeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor Energetic Materials, Cyclophosphazene chemistry, O... View Profile

Prof Tapas Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Solid State Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nanoma... View Profile

Dr Debasis Banerjee

Assistant Professor design and synthesis of sustainable catalysts, ena... View Profile