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Prof R Prasad

Professor Molecular Biology, Infectious diseases, Genomics &... View Profile

Dr Vikas Pruthi

Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Prof Bijan Choudhury

Professor Biochemical engineering, Biotransformation, Enzyme... View Profile

Prof A K Sharma

Professor Biochemistry, Biophysics, Macromolecular crystallo... View Profile

Prof Partha Roy

Professor Anima Biotechnolgy, Molecular endocrinology, Cance... View Profile

Prof R P Singh

Professor Microbial Biotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, Microb... View Profile

Prof Krishna Mohan Poluri

Associate Professor Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology... View Profile

Prof Gopinath Packirisamy

Associate Professor Cancer nanotechnology, Biomaterials, drug delivery... View Profile

Prof Soma Rohatgi

Associate Professor Molecular Immunology, B cells and Antibodies, Vacc... View Profile

Prof Saugata Hazra

Associate Professor Protein X-ray crystallography, Protein engineering... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Sircar

Associate Professor Non-invasive Sensors for plant quality monitoring,... View Profile

Dr Pravindra Kumar

Associate Professor Protein Engineering, Structural Biology, X-ray Cry... View Profile

Dr Naveen Kumar Navani

Associate Professor Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Gene regulat... View Profile

Dr Ranjana Pathania

Associate Professor Molecular Biology, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Role of... View Profile

Dr Sanjoy Ghosh

Associate Professor Biochemical Engineering, Bioprocess development, M... View Profile

Dr Shailly Tomar

Associate Professor Virology , Discovery of antiviral molecules agains... View Profile

Dr Maya S Nair

Assistant Professor Biophysics, Structural Biology, NMR and other spec... View Profile

Dr Prabhat Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Cancer Biology, L1 retrotransposon activity in ora... View Profile

Prof Harsh Chauhan

Assistant Professor Plant Molecular Biology, Functional Genomics, Tran... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sharma

Assistant Professor Computational Biology, Translational Bioinformatic... View Profile

Dr Kiran Ambatipudi

Assistant Professor Proteomics, Elucidate the role of milk proteins in... View Profile

Prof R Pad Padmanabhan

Distinguished Professor Micro Biology abd Immunology... View Profile