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Prof P S Chani

Professor Embodied Energy, Embodied Energy in Housing, Energ... View Profile

Mrs Gupta Ila

Professor Fine Arts, Optimum Colours for Buildings, Applied ... View Profile

Mrs Pushplata

Professor Architechtural Design, Urban Design , Urban Enviro... View Profile

Dr V. Devadas

Associate Professor Urban and Rual Development Planning, Urban Dynamic... View Profile

Dr Mahua Mukherjee

Associate Professor Effects of Architectural Features on Wind Load in ... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Raheja

Associate Professor Universal Design, Visual Communication, Design Ped... View Profile

Ms Tina Pujara

Assistant Professor Urban Design, Sustainable urban form, Sustainable ... View Profile

Ms Rita Ahuja

Assistant Professor Architectural Design, Building Design... View Profile

Dr Avlokita Agrawal

Assistant Professor Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Sustainability in ... View Profile

Dr Uttam Kumar Roy

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Smriti Saraswat

Assistant Professor Cultural & Arch. Heritage; Narratives; Design Rese... View Profile

Ms Lakra Harshit Sosan

Assistant Professor Culture Based Planning, Public Realm and cultural ... View Profile

Prof Arindam Biswas

Assistant Professor Urban Planning, Regional Planning... View Profile

Dr Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti

Assistant Professor Culturally Responsive Built Environments, Disaster... View Profile

Ms Manavvi Suneja

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr E Rajasekar

Assistant Professor Thermal comfort and Energy efficiency in built env... View Profile

Prof Shubhajit Sadhukhan

Assistant Professor Transportation Planning, Facilities Planning, Infr... View Profile